DON’T worry – this man wasn’t involved in an accident . . . it’s just a safety drill by Bridgwater and Taunton Fire Station’s green watches.

The fire crew took part in a road safety demonstration at the Morrison’s distribution centre in Bridgwater where they cut DHL engineer Rob Penlington out of a car.

Two cars from a local scrapyard were taken by the fire service to use in their demonstrations and Rob got inside ready to be rescued.

The two teams then worked quickly to remove the windscreens, cut the roof off and extracted the willing volunteer to safety on a spine board.

Andy Gill, health and safety manager with DHL, said: “It went superbly and it’s great to have the relationship with the local fire brigade.

“Rob said the cutting out part was all right but the worst part was being brought out on the spine board. I think he thought they were going to drop him.”

This event is just one of many events DHL are taking part in as part of International Safety Week.

They will also be holding an in-house forklift truck competition and daily trips inside their lorries for cyclists so they realise what the blindspots are.

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