FARMERS and residents of flood-hit Fordgate and Moorland say it could be two years before their lives are back on track.

Speaking to the Mercury, Fordgate farmer James Hall said action following the floods almost came to a stand-still, before slowly moving forward again these past few weeks.

He said: “The response went from emergency and the wind down and almost stopped, but now things are moving again.

“Everything’s been going slowly, such as getting the funding in.

“The focus is now on repairing the agricultural damage caused by the flooding.

“Many farmers don’t have the grass to do the first cut of silage. But people have pledged fodder until we don’t need it any more.

“We need Mother Nature and sunshine to do their bit now over the next few months. A hot summer would help.”

James, who breeds cows for Blade Farming, said he should have 240 calves by now but only has 120 due to the disruption of the floods.

He added: “Blade Farming has been wonderful and really supportive, even offering to put us up in a hotel.

“We just need to get back on track and I think, for a lot of people, that could take around two years.

“Families are going to be worried next winter if there’s heavy rainfall. They have lost everything and that can have a psychological effect.”

Fordgate resident Maria Maye has finally dried out the inside of her home after it was claimed by flood water.

She said: “We’ve had the electrics done but it’s still slow-going.”

Maria applied for grants but has so far only received £750 towards putting her home back together.

She said: “We have to get new doors and the kitchen has been ripped out.

“We’ve had a £12,000 quote for a new kitchen and alterations by Grand Designs, who kindly offered us a discount.

“We’re having to dip into our savings and pension money to pay for it all, but I just want to have a kitchen again.”