A STAMPEDE of pupils got creative at a Taunton secondary school when they made life-sized elephants from recycled items.

Bishop Fox's School invited children from nearby primary schools to take part in a community art project based on elephants.

Arts teacher Cath Thomas helped the children create the models using different types of materials.
Event coordinator Steve Summerill said: “We originally got the idea from the Wallace and Gromit statues on show over in Bristol.

“The children made eight elephants the size of an actual baby elephant, made from clay and from recycled items such as milk cartons, and each primary school we worked with got to take a pottery elephant back with them to school.

“Every year we look for a different theme and this year's was 'recycling'. We chose the elephant idea after talking to an environmental group who make paper from recycled elephant dung.

“We wanted to work with local schools that wouldn't necessarily get to use facilities like ours. We like to offer a wider range of subject-based projects besides the usual literacy and numeracy that the kids learn every day at school.”

Bishop Fox's will also be holding a Science Day on June 12 for year five pupils from local primary schools.