RESIDENTS and farmers affected by the floods across the Somerset Levels are being reminded they can apply for a variety of grants.

The Somerset Flood Relief Fund, organised by the Somerset Community Foundation, has so far raised £1,165,768.05 for those affected by the floods.

Up to 200 homes on the Levels were flooded or evacuated since the beginning of January.

The Foundation has awarded over £300,000 in grants to more than 350 households affected so far.

Households can apply for: • Phase One grants of £250 towards meeting the immediate costs arising from either being flooded or evacuated.

• Phase Two grants are set between £150 and £1,000 and are available to homes experiencing direct or indirect impacts that are causing short-term financial hardship while the flooding persists.

• Phase Three grants are designed to help people to recover and repair a home that is safe and secure to live in.

There's also a £500 grant to help flood-affected homes pay for a professional survey or advice.

But Under Charity Commission guidance the grants can only be used to address 'financial hardship' arising from the flooding, directly or indirectly. It is not a compensation scheme where anyone affected automatically receives a payment.

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