A FARMER who was in a dispute with the Environment Agency over compensation says he has received his first payment.

James Hall, 31, claims contractors damaged his land at Northmoor Farm when they were using his yard as an ‘overflow’ for pumping equipment.

As reported last week, Mr Hall claims they caused damage running to thousands of pounds and he has filed for compensation.

The Agency also served notice on Mr Hall saying it would be moving in to shift the large pumps.

Speaking this week, Mr Hall said: “The Agency came on my land to remove the pumps on Tuesday and things are going a lot better with them.

“I’ve received my first payment and I’ve been assured I’ll receive the second by the end of the week.

“They have also cleaned up the road outside my farm and they have been better with myself and other farmers in the area.

“It is just a shame they needed a kick up the backside before they did anything about it.”

The Agency said it was “grateful” for Mr Hall’s help during the winter floods and said it is assessing compensation claims.