FAMILIES living on a North Petherton housing estate say mud and noise from construction vehicles is interfering with their quality of life.

People living in Angus Way at the Stockmoor Village estate are sick of large construction vehicles trailing mud everywhere and splattering cars with dirt and dust on their way to the nearby Persimmon Housing building site.

Colin Lane, of Angus Way, said: “I live across the road and we are getting vehicles coming up and down and there is dirt and clay everywhere. It’s ridiculous.

“The cleaning vehicle doesn’t actually come down our area as often as it should.

“The speed of the vehicles is also an issue and children have been crossing the road where we live so there’s a safety issue there.

“The noise is also horrendous.

“It’s all interfering with my quality of life.”

Another resident of Angus Way, Christine Gazzard, said: “There are concrete mixers, dumper trucks and heavy-duty vehicles using our road as an access road to the site.

“People have been blocked in their drives by the vehicles and one neighbour had their wing mirror bumped off by a construction truck.”

She added: “When we moved in our home had a beautiful driveway. Now it just looks a mess.

“We just feel like Persimmon|doesn’t care about people.”

This is not the first time residents have aired complaints. The Mercury reported in October last year how residents of Tundra Walk on the Stock-moor Village estate were having the same problem with Persimmon Housing.

Nicola Reed, sales and marketing director for Persimmon Homes Severn Valley, said: “We take our neighbourly relations very seriously and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

“However, we have to use the access into the area to be able to build the development at present.”

Photos: Christine Gazzard