A SOLAR club has been set up to encourage homes and firms in Wiveliscombe to go green.

Solar enthusiast Dave Mansell, founder of wiveyenergy.info, is urging people to install panels and says they are a vital to the town’s sustainability.

He said: “Wiveliscombe already generates half the domestic electricity it uses from solar power with solar panels on many buildings, including both schools and the community centre.

“Solar installers were invited to submit tenders and the best offer was made by Solar Systems, who are now partnering with the club.

“I think solar power is a great source of energy and something we should all be looking at.

“It’s important for the future of the town as we all know fossil fuels, which we’ve relied on so long, are running out and contributing to climate change.”

People can take advantage of offers and advice at wiveyenergy.info