FIFTEEN pupils from Wellington School achieved the top award in the UK Maths Challenge.

Sam Aird, Lydia Buckingham, Charles Cooper, Kester Griffiths, Leah Jacob, Joey Lam, Marco Leong, Daniel Leung, Maga Makhauri, Timofey Markin, Will Reid, Zac Summerfield, Sebastian Walterman, Henry Vyse and Linda Zhong finished in the top 6% in the UK and received gold certificates.

Eleven students scored so highly they have been invited to compete follow-on Olympiad rounds and three students will enter the Mathematical Olympiad which is reserved for the top 500 scorers in their year.

Head of maths Peter Buckingham said: 'This is a fantastic accolade for these students, who revel in their mathematical studies and enjoy the challenge that external competitions provide.”