TWO groups of eager children from local primary schools competed in a team challenge event led by students from Bridgwater College.

As part of their sports leaders’ practical assessment, the college students hosted the Year 5 children from Eastover Primary and Bridgwater College Academy.

The children were put through a carousel of problem solving and team development challenges, focusing on communication, co-operation, trust and support.

Points were awarded for successful completion of each activity, and the winning team was presented with Easter eggs as a prize.

Jo Larson, Year 5 teacher at Eastover Primary, said: “The children had a superb time taking part in the challenges and working with children from other schools. They developed their team skills and enjoyed competing.”

Charlotte Coles, 19, from Bridgwater, said: “This gave me the opportunity to learn and teach new skills to children, giving me an insight of what my future career might be like. I would like to teach outdoor education to children of a variety of ages, and this opportunity has allowed me to adapt my skills and abilities to different age groups.”