SEA Cadets in Bridgwater will celebrate their 50th anniversary in style when they march through the town centre this weekend.

The Cadets will be marching from their home base at Bridg-water Docks, down the high street and towards St Mary’s Church at 1.30pm on Saturday.

Tracey Baker joined the Sea Cadets when she was a child 30 years ago, and now she’s a member of the cadet’s unit management committee. She thinks the cadets are a fantastic organisation for children to join.

Tracey, whose 15-year-old dau-ghter Charlotte Dyer is now a cadet, said: “I know quite a few people who met their partners at the cadets. Most of my close friends I met at the cadets.

“Many of the cadets enter the unit between the ages of ten and 18 as quiet, reserved young people. By the time they leave – which they don’t have to, our staff are mainly former cadets themselves – they have achieved so much and along the way have gained many life skills along with confidence.”

Tracey said: “They do a lot of kayaking and sailing, including off-shore sailing and power-boating and other skills like mechanical engineering and marine engineering. They also do cooking and sewing and a huge long list of skills.

“So much good comes from it. It teaches them so many life skills such as self-discipline and self-respect. Otherwise they might be sitting in front of the PC or TV seven nights a week.”

For more information on joining the Bridgwater Sea Cadets, email