ASHCOTT Primary School children and Yueyang Tower Primary School children from the Yueyang Province in China have been chatting to each other over Skype.

Members of the school's Global Group have been using the school's ipads to speak with their friends on the other side of the world.

Thanks to the eight hour time difference, the Ashcott children had to arrive at school at 8am on a Monday morning to chat to their Chinese counterparts, where it was already 4pm.

The Yueyang pupils practised their spoken English and said 'thank you' to their English penfriends for the cards they had received.

Meanwhile, the Ashcott children sang songs and played their musical instruments for their Chinese friends.

Richard Briar, head teacher at Aschott Primary, said: “This was another fantastic opportunity for the children and it really helped them to get to know their penfriends and actually see them on camera.

“Once again, the children from Ashcott proved to be excellent international ambassadors.”