MONTHS of training paid off for a mother of three from North Petherton who has raised more than £1,600 with her marathon success.

Debra Ashley, 43, who works as a teaching assistant at North Petherton Primary School, finished the London marathon in five hours and 34 minutes.

Debra said: “That’s one hour longer than I was hoping for – and a 20-minute queue for the toilet at mile 17 – but I wasn’t prepared for the heat.

“The crowds were totally amazing and were five to six people deep virtually the whole way around.”

Debra is fundraising for the charity Get Kids Going, whose aim is to make sport accessible to disabled children by providing specialised wheelchairs and equipment.

Debra said: “My partner, children, family and friends have been incredibly supportive throughout the last eight months and I can’t thank them enough.

“I have already started upon another challenge – the Taunton 10k Raceforlife challenge raising funds for cancer research.

“I’ve become a team leader and I’m hoping to get together a team of ten women who have never done anything like this before to take up the challenge – so far we are at seven.”

You can still donate to Debra’s cause and help her reach her goal of £2,000 by going to|letsaisesomebootyeAshley