A DRAMATIC sculpture display is on at Watchet’s Contains Art Gallery and Courtyard.

The exhibition, called ‘Distance Travelled’, is by Somerset woodworker and artist Martyn Lintern, whose work explores social mobility.

He has no formal training and is a self-employed woodworker who builds furniture at his Washford workshop.

Martyn said: "The idea for this exhibition started with a half remembered conversation some years ago about the concept of “distance travelled”.

"This is not a physical journey but rather how we compare in a work sense to how our parents earned a living.

"And on what basis do we say one career choice is better than another?

"All choices, opportunities aren't equal for everyone, yet society does seem to place a greater value on financial gain than more altruistic careers.

"Is society striving to be upwardly mobile?

"Successive governments certainly aim to enlarge the economy, at whatever cost.

"Is this necessarily a good thing to aim for - to be constantly increasing consumption?

"Those are the kinds of questions I want to explore…I’ll leave the visitor to decide the answers.”

The exhibition runs until May 5 and is open from 10am to 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday, and on Bank Holiday Monday.

For more information visit www.containsart.co.uk