LOCAL artist Christopher Jelly is calling for tree stories linked with the Parks Walks Arboretum in Minehead as he has been tasked with creating a webapp to replace the current pamphlet.

When the work is completed, it will be freely available through a single click in your smart phone browser and all the files import immediately and are revealed when in location in the parks.

Last year Christopher won a national award from the British Association for Storytelling Excellence for his digital ‘Storywalks’.

The parks web-app will be an extension of these.

He said: “I am keen on hearing any stories about the trees and not just the ones along the park walk.

“The arboretum itself has an international collection of specimens and it’s linking in with the folklore of these which I find fascinating.

“Recently, I learned of an oak near Crowcombe which came down in a storm to reveal a civil war musket hidden in the main fork.

“There must be a dozen similar stories hidden in the history of our park and beyond so please get in touch.”

Stephen Hooper, manager of Minehead Vision Group has commissioned the app.

The parks walk web-app is due to be completed in June and will be free for all to access.

You contact Christopher by visiting www.storywalks.info where you can find information about other projects.