A PHOTOGRAPHER who was raised in Minehead ibefore moving to London is having her work displayed locally. 

MILLIE Cooper, whose photographs are being used in the Beach Hotel, said she never appreciated the area when she was younger. 

She said: “I moved to Minehead with my family when I was six, but then I moved back to London when I was around 20 to follow my dreams.

“I couldn’t wait to escape Minehead, but every time I come home I always think should I move back here.

“It’s a beautiful area even in winter – there’s so much to capture.”

Millie used to work at the Beach Hotel when she was younger and was delighted when she was asked if they could use her photos.

The model and photographer said: “I was so excited when I saw the Beach Hotel site was being rebuilt and I’m so thrilled that my work’s going to be displayed there.

“When I visited last year I took some photos of the beach for the first time, and put them up on Facebook and on my website, and I had such lovely comments.

“People said how unique they were and then I was contacted by the hotel. “It’s great because I think the pictures reflect what the hotel is about.”

Millie said she has always loved taking pictures, especially of nature, and said she views her photos as pieces of art.

Channel 4 has been filming Millie and what she does as part of a new programme – a TV crew visited her at the Beach Hotel on Monday.

“It’s really exciting and I’m also doing an exhibition where some of Banksy’s work is being displayed,” she said.

“It’s great to see people trying to get Minehead on the map, and that’s why I was so keen to have some filming done here so I could help as well.”

For more information visit www.milliecooper.com