CHILDREN in Wiveliscombe could still have a nursery to go to if plans for the primary school to take over the facility are pushed through.

School governors are looking at taking on the running of the nursery – based in the children’s centre – when the service is stopped at the end of April.

It comes at a time when Somerset County Council is considering ‘de-designating’ the centre, which only opened in 2008.

Julian Mellor, chair of governors, said: “The building is owned by the county council and currently has two facilities inside – a nursery and a family service with outreach.

“The plan is that the school takes on the running of the nursery and the rest is taken in-house by the county council.

“We are looking good but we have got to get it registered with Ofsted and that is proving to be a frustrating and slow process.”

Both services were run by The Children’s Society until the end of March when they were taken over by the county council.

Under the new proposals, school staff would be transferred to the nursery to help run it at no cost to the school.

Mr Mellor said the plan is to make the transition as “seamless as possible” and children should notice “little change.”

He added: “It takes us back to the original vision for what the children’s centre was in the mid-noughties.

“There was a push for a facility like that in Wiveliscombe and ultimately the Children’s Society came in to run it.

“With this it will be much more of a community again which is great. It will be great for the community, the users, the school and the staff so it is a win-win situation.”