ESME and Scarlett Bunce might only be 19 months old old, but they’ve already taken the country by storm.

Since they were four months old the twins have appeared in catalogues, on websites and even on billboards for fashion companies including The Little White Company and Boden.

They’ve even been used on nappy packaging for a French supermarket and you might recognise their faces from Tesco stores.

Mum Immy said for her the twins’ modelling is just a bit of fun which they really enjoy.

She said: “It was really random. I was still on maternity leave and was a bit bored, so I just looked into it – that was when they were about four months old.

“People had said how cute they were and I thought I might as well just go for it.

“They really enjoy doing it.”

The twins were snapped up by London Agency Bonnie and Betty, and now go on shoots across London.

They were even asked to star in Coronation Street.

Immy said: “I was so excited when they said they wanted the twins to be in the show, but because it was in Manchester it would have been too difficult.

“It’s really exciting when they’re picked for stuff, and I’m lucky as my friend lives in London, so I stay with her when they have jobs.

“Sometimes they’re straight picked for the job, which means they get it right away, but other times they have to audition.

“It can be really disheartening when they aren’t picked or when the pictures aren’t used, but I don’t take it as seriously as some of the mums – it’s a really weird industry and some get competitive.”

This is The West Country:

Esme and Scarlett in one of their shoots for Tesco

Immy is saving the money the twins make for when they are older and said she would never force them to continue if they didn’t want to.

“If they want to do more modelling or even the acting side when they’re older I’ll let them, but I wouldn’t force them, “ she said.

“It was easier when they were younger because they sat still, whereas now they’re moving around some of the companies don’t like it, but most are great with them.”

In their spare time the twins like to play with their friends from playgroup and go swimming.

“They have a busier social life then me,” joked Immy.