A CAMPAIGN to help West Somerset families save money, waste less and recycle more is taking to the airwaves, and going on the road and into the classroom.

Massive banners are being added to all eight recycling collection vehicles which travel along West Somerset’s roads each week.

Schools in West Somerset have the chance to take part in a free recycling day so pupils can help their families save money and support local services.

By encouraging recycling, the campaign aims to sustain and boost the progress the district has made in raising recycling rates.

This helps family budgets and secures more funding for important local services. 

The campaign emphasises how easy it is to divert recyclable items away from the refuse bin and into household recycling boxes.

It also highlights how much West Somerset can benefit from more recycling, what it costs if things which could be recycled end up in the rubbish, and ways that wasting less and recycling more can help boost families budgets.

West Somerset Council leader Cllr Tim Taylor has thanked families for doing their bit.