ROGUE traders have been targeted by police as part of a crack down on doorstep crime in Sedgemoor.

From April 7 to 11 (Rogue Trader Week) police took part in a number of covert operations and targeted offenders.

An information stand was manned by police in Bridgwater Library on April 7, 9 and 11 to provide details about doorstep crime and bogus callers.

Sgt Chris Walls, of Bridgwater Police, said: “These criminals target the vulnerable and elderly, so we gave advice on things like door chains and asking for ID.

“We do see more of this type of crime due to longer days with the summer. It can also be linked to distraction burglary.”

Over the last three years Bridgwater has seen a significant decrease in doorstep crime.

To stay ahead of rogue traders, follow this advice:

• Ask the caller for identification before you open the door

• Always keep the door chain on

• Check identification

• Do NOT buy from doorstep traders or hand any money over before any work is complete

• Think SAFE: - Stay out stranger - Always check who is at the door - If you are not sure, DON’T open the door - Expecting a caller? Door chain on and check ID

• If in doubt, call the police