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M5 crash inquest: Day four from Shire Hall in Taunton

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    el_pablo 3:26pm Thu 3 Apr 14
    Surely if you are driving in poor conditions you concentrate on driving, not getting distracted by fireworks?! Surely it is common sense and that is down to driver error? I was driving on that night near Bridgwater, the fog was horrendous, did I take my eye off the road? No. If they wish to claim fireworks as being a distraction that close to the motorway, they should use a bit of the old grey matter up top: The fireworks were that close you would need to be looking directly up through the sunroof to see the high rockets. Lower ones would have been obstructed by fog. You can see more of the big Bridgwater fireworks display from the M5 so will they get banned if it comes to that?! Stupid, you can see fireworks for miles around. Somewhere, however painful for the families involved, it is driver error, pure and simple.
    Score: 10
    dolphins1234 7:24pm Thu 3 Apr 14
    It could not have been driver error 'el_pablo' - the issue is not that drivers were distracted by the fireworks - but that smoke created such poor visibility. All the drivers reported zero visibility. Clearly due to the approaching junction, it would have been impossible to avoid a collision, and the impending pile-up. If it was ever driver error, don't you think they would have interviewed more of the people involved? It was such a tragic accident it would have been impossible to predict who was to blame - no one could have been. The issue is the possibility of the firework SMOKE mixing with the fog and severely reducing visibility. Get your facts straight before you insult people who have been through enough already.
    Score: -7

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