A BOY who walked ten miles on his tenth birthday in aid of a unit which helped save his life has raised £1,350... and had a piece of live-saving equipment named after him.

Jack Wood, of Milverton, was given a 30% chance of survival when he was born 15 weeks premature, weighing less than 2lbs.

To say thankyou to staff at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton who helped him survive, Jack hiked through wind and rain from his home to the neonatal unit in Taunton.

Joined by mum, Joy Hall, and aunt, Rachel Andrews, he was met by matron Sue Spooner, who looked after him when he was a baby.

Joy said: “Jack was amazed and thoroughly proud of all the support friends and strangers gave him to help raise money for the neonatal special care baby unit.

“One of his friends, Lydia Mullen, nine, of Bradninch, organised a cake sale at her school to raise money and managed to donate £60.50.”

Jack, who goes to Wellesley Park Primary School in Wellington, had eight blood transfusions and a lot of life-saving treatment while he was in care.

With the help of a scooter, his walk took a little over 3½ hours, but it was all worth it in the hope of helping the unit care for babies in his predicament.

Joy said: “The special care baby unit at Musgrove did an amazing job, and the care given and attention to detail were outstanding.

“Needless to say, Jack pulled through and is now a fully healthy, fully functioning young lad.

“The money has been put towards a new monitor for the neonatal unit and has been named Jack Wood’s Monitor.”