TAUNTON is ranked in the top ten most adulterous towns in the UK, according to new research.

An ‘infidelity index’ by dating website IllicitEncounters.com uncovered 802 affairs out of a population of 60,479 (1.3%) in the county town, ranking it tenth.

The survey was conducted using membership data in 140 towns with a population of above 50,000.

Maidenhead in Berkshire was named the UK’s most unfaithful town, while married people in Bournemouth are the most well behaved.


Top ten

  1. Maidenhead
  2. Livingstone
  3. Farnborough
  4. Loughborough
  5. Bracknell
  6. Gravesend
  7. Beeston
  8. Aldershot
  9. Gosport
  10. Taunton