A MAN says he is fed up of suffering sleepless nights caused by two street lights being put up directly outside his bedroom window.

Doug Human claims the lights overlooking his home in High Street, Williton, are intrusive and he is calling for action.

He said: “It is like someone is sat in their car shining their headlights on full beam into my bedroom.

“There are two lights so tall and so close together – it’s like Blackpool Tower.

“It is getting to the stage where we have had to put up special blinds and thicker curtains.”

The lights were put up as part of Summerfield’s housing development on Blacksmith Close.

Mr Human says he first lodged a complaint with Summerfield in early February but says he has had no luck so far.

He told the County Gazette he would like a swift resolution, either by dimming of the lights or shielding the bulbs.

He added: “We were flooded for nine months and when we get back home we come to this.

“I’ve sent emails to Summerfield and have heard nothing back after about six weeks.

“They are quite happy to take your money off you and sell houses but apparently not when it comes to dealing with complaints.”

Chris Winter, managing director of Summerfield, said: “I have spoken to Mr Human and advised him that we are trying to source a shield for the lantern in question in coordination with Somerset County Council and our suppliers.

“I have been advised that a shield will be ready to install within the next month.

“I apologise on behalf of Summerfield and Somerset County Council for any inconvenience that this may have caused Mr Human.”