AN EYE-CATCHING piece of public art – Taunton’s first ever public mural – has been crafted on Tangier Way.

Taunton Deane Council commissioned the artwork, having been inspired by the ‘Art Everywhere’ campaign, allocating a £1,000 budget to brighten up the temporary hoarding.

The project is a partnership with councillors Alan Wedderkopp and Mark Edwards, Richard Holt from the Creative Innovation Centre, and select Somerset College students.

Cllr Edwards said: “It is truly striking and is exactly what we envisaged when originally coming up with the idea.

“I am grateful to everyone for their assistance from TDBC, the Creative Innovation Centre, Somerset College and Linden Homes.

“We are hopeful the site will be developed soon but, in the meantime, at least there is something original to look at rather than just a wall of grey.”

Applying the brushstrokes were Richard Balman, 22, Loz O’Halloran, 21, Freddie Burls, 21, helped by Holly Arrow, 26.

Richard said: “Once the idea was decided it was quite plain sailing from there on in.

“We’re all quite creative people, so this is almost like our second language to adapt to it and go with the flow, and we bounce off each other really well.”

Cllr Alan Wedderkopp said the mural was about promoting health and wellbeing in Taunton.

He said: “Mental wellbeing is very important.

“Anything that gives you a lift and makes you feel better is worth spending money on.

“In addition to that, the students who have done that work have done it at a very low cost when you consider how large and good it is.”