A RAIDER who stormed into his neighbour’s house and threatened to “carve him up” in a row over drug money has been jailed for six years.

Knife-wielding Ashley Grimstead, 34, kicked his way into the home of Jamie Clarke in Pear Tree Way, Wellington, because he owed him cash for cannabis, Taunton Crown Court heard.

Armoured with motorcycle leathers, he held two of Mr Clarke’s friends at knifepoint demanding to see him, threatening to kill all three – as well as making other violent threats – if he did not pay up.

Grimstead, also of Pear Tree Way, was jailed last Friday (March 21) after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary and producing cannabis.

Judge David Ticehurst said: “This offence must have been absolutely terrifying for those on the receiving end.

“You only have to imagine for a minute if a man dressed in that fashion came in to your house late at night and threatened you.

“It is clear to me that the offence was encouraged by the fact you had taken drugs, alcohol and legal highs.”

The court heard the offence happened at around 11.30pm on November 11 last year.

Prosecuting, William Hunter said Mr Clarke owed £70 from a cannabis deal and Grimstead threatened to sell his debt to a gang.

After sending a text to the victim asking him to ‘pop over for a chat,’ he took matters into his own hands and went round to Mr Clarke’s house with a kitchen knife.

The court heard that Grimstead stood outside and shouted: “This is a man’s game. You’ve got to play it right.”

He then said “I will carve you up” before forcing his way into the house and holding up Mr Clarke’s two friends with a knife.

It was said that neighbours overheard the altercation and when Grimstead was arrested police found dozens of cannabis plants in his home worth up to £22,000.

Defending Grimstead, Patrick Mason said the offence was a “peculiar turn in this man’s life of no previous convictions.”

He also said his client suffers from mental health problems and is a “troubled individual.”

Mr Mason added: “On the day in question, as he described it, he lapsed into three minutes of madness.

“He acknowledged that it was all very silly and there was no need to act in the way that he did.

“He had a lot of opportunity to do harm and he didn’t. He didn’t touch anybody.”