OWNERS who let their dogs illegally foul on the street in Watchet are being targeted under a new initiative.

Watchet Town Council is cracking down on irresponsible dog owners following an increase in the number of complaints about fouling.

Earlier this year councillors agreed that a campaign needed to be looked at and have now put posters around the town asking people to get involved in a ‘dog watch’ scheme.

Council chair and town Mayor Loretta Wheltor said: “It is a very serious problem and we must address it. We are holding an open meeting which is a good way of getting everybody on board.

“Dog mess is not nice to look at, whether you’re a resident or a visitor, so we need people to be on guard and help clamp down on it.”

Councillors will hold a public workshop on Wednesday, April 9, in the Methodist Schoolroom at 7pm, inviting residents to come forward and complain about their experiences.

It will also offer the community and the council the chance to join forces and discuss how to work together to combat the problem.

The council is also hoping to get Knights Templar involved, by giving an assembly and inviting children to design posters.

The idea is for a two-week monitoring period to take place, highlighting and targeting the worst areas as it is not only Watchet which appears to be suffering from the problem.

As reported in the County Gazette in January, little Reiss Harrison from Minehead was taken to hospital after cutting his head as his mother tried to stop him falling in dog mess.

It sparked outrage in the community and two mums – Charlie Kennedy and Fay Dyke – set up their own campaign to try and tackle the mess in the town.

Failure to comply with picking up dog poo can result in a fixed £75 penalty fine or prosecution and a fine up to £1,000.

You can report fouling at westsomersetonline. gov.uk/forms/report-dog-fouling.