PROMOTING cycling and walking was the aim of these Bridgwater College sports students as they attended an exhibition at the Bridgwater YMCA.

Five students from the Development, Coaching and Fitness course presented the health benefits of walking and cycling to the people attending.

They also talked about studying at Bridgwater College and their aims for a career in sport and fitness.

Jake Durman, 19, from Taunton said: “The experience of presenting in front of industry-recognised people was really nerve-wracking, but once I got going I felt a real buzz and sense of achievement.”

The Resolve 2014 exhibition was an event promoting the Bridgwater Way, a project aiming to make cycling and walking easier in Bridgwater.

Chrissie Cattrall, campaign co-ordinator for The Bridgwater Way, said, “The students from Bridgwater College provided so much useful information on the health benefits of activity in our daily lives. Even a small amount of walking makes such a difference.

“They were a real asset to Resolve 2014, being friendly and professional and showing that their College studies are providing them with useful and relevant fitness information.”