A TALENTED young performer from Bridgwater is trying to follow his dream and become a musical theatre star.

Harry Winchester is a student in performing arts at Bridgwater College and is trying to get into one of the highest recognised theatre schools in the country.

He applied for a position at the Arts Educational Schools in London, where approximately 2,000 people apply to study musical theatre each year with only 45 candidates selected at the end of the process, and amazingly he was offered a place.

Harry has lived and breathed musical theatre since he was nine. Since then he’s performed at Bridgwater Town Hall in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Techicolour Dreamcoat playing as Joseph.

He’s also performed at Bridgwater Carnival where he’s a member of the Renegades Carnival Club and performed as a lead vocalist each year since at the carnival concert he was 13.

Harry said: “I have also been nominated for awards such as the ‘personality cup’, meaning that judges voted me as having the most commitment to my role, which was a great achievements considering over 600 people participate in the show each year.”

However Harry has hit a road block in chasing his dream. The college he’s applying for is privately funded and his family can’t afford it.

He said: “I will need to fund the tuition fees and my living costs for the foundation year myself, which is not currently possible as I live in a single-parent family household with one younger brother.”

With a target of raising £15,000 to fulfil his dream, Harry is looking for sponsors within Bridgwater to try raising those funds in any way he can.

Harry said: “I felt that I would ask local businesses to sponsor me due to the fact that if you sponsor me, I can help to promote your business as much as I possibly can.”

“With the hope of succeeding into the West End and beyond, I will be able to promote your business to wider audiences as a way to show my appreciation to you for helping me achieve my lifetime ambitions.”

If you would like to sponsor Harry, contact him on 07748 978286 or by email at h_winchesterr@hotmail.co.uk