EXPECTANT mums and proud new parents at Yeovil Hospital will soon be able to enjoy brand new facilities at YDH thanks to funding received from the Department of Health.

The hospital has received £200k the Department of Health after submitting a bid which demonstrated how the money would be used to make a difference to the care experiences of women, their partners and their babies.

The money will be spent on refurbishing four side rooms, making them en-suite, giving women privacy and dignity while they bond with their baby on the post-natal ward.

Two new side rooms will be created and all side rooms will have a convertible sofa bed for their partners to sleep on. This gives women an improved experience when they stay in hospital.

The increased capacity in rooms means that some of the parents whose babies are in the Special Care Baby Unit will be able to stay on the ward which is on the same level as the unit. Currently this arrangement cannot be guaranteed due to space requirements.

Jacqui Tully, lead midwife, said: “I am really excited about upgrading some important facilities on the maternity unit postnatal ward as a result of receiving some funding from the Department of Health.

“Now it has been confirmed that we have been successful with our bid all the staff who work in the Yeovil maternity Unit are thrilled. Last year we were lucky enough to receive some funding from the Department of Health for the labour ward.

"The changes to the antenatal and labour ward environment have made such a difference already to women and their families and to have the opportunity to upgrade facilities on the postnatal ward is really important.

"All the work has improved privacy and dignity for women and the planned en-suite areas on Freya will take this theme further again enabling women to have support from their partners and families when they most need it in a private and appropriate environment further enhancing the care they receive from our dedicated team”

James Kirton, Head of Fundraising at Yeovil, said: “Putting this bid together so quickly was really hard work so we are obviously elated with the outcome. I know that many hospitals have been disappointed so we feel so pleased to have been awarded so much.

"It is something that the midwives have wanted for a long-time now so everyone is feeling really positive. The improvements to the Women’s Health and Maternity Unit have been dramatic over the last couple of years and it reflects the huge ambition we have here at Yeovil to provide the best possible care in the best possible environment.”

The project will commence in March 2014 and will be finished in March 2015.

Disruption to services in the maternity ward will be kept to a minimum and expectant mothers and their families can be reassured that this work will not affect the care they receive.