UKIP have selected their candidate to contest the Bridgwater and West Somerset constituency at the next general election.

Stephen Fitzgerald, a semi-retired project management consultant from Porlock, will stand against Conservative MP Ian Liddell-Grainger.

Stephen has been involved in many community activities including school governor, foster care, tourism and local charities.

He also runs his own charity in support of a school in Zanzibar and set up a national helpline for men and children.

He has campaigned on behalf of equal parenting issues meeting with ministers and shadow ministers.

Mr Fitzgerald said: “If elected, I will take on board many local issues such as poverty, including the effects of zero hour contracts, PayDay loans and the bedroom tax.

“I will also investigate work opportunities for young people as well as starter homes.

“I joined UKIP after years of watching our political system fall into decay and become mired with sleaze and greedy MPs over claiming on their expenses.

“I intend to play my part in bringing about a sea-change in policies both locally and nationally.

“I also wish to help free the UK from the dead hand of EU interference and return power to the people. “

In all of this, I will listen to the voters and take on board their wishes.”