A NEW project combining poetry with smart-technology launches next month.

‘Poetry Pin’ is storyteller and artist Chris Jelly’s latest innovative idea, building on a project he created along the Coleridge Way last year.

Poetry Pin is a geo-located digital space for site-specific poetry.

It works by people geo-locating words in the project which will be visible in that location only.

You can view a snippet of the work from home but to read the full poem you’ll need to step out and stand where the author intends.

Chris, winner of the British Awards for Storytelling Excellence Trailblazer Award, hopes creatives will step forward and have a go at producing some poetry.

He said: “The project geo-locates new poetry along the westerly trail at Hinkley Point, where Shurton links to the channel at Shurton Bars.

“The key to the project is to read the poetry – you must travel to the location it’s pinned.

“Poetry Pin could easily dilute itself to be located anywhere and everywhere but the first steps need to be distinct and focused.

“The landscape between Hinkley Point and Shurton Bars is on the verge of immense change.

“This place is ready for ideas to spawn and it is a place where new writing can be born.”

The project will go live on Saturday, March 1, at which point you will be able to pin your poetry to the trail.

There will be 12 artist-led free workshop walks, one each month passing through the landscape, including reading, writing, discussing and exploring the area.

The first workshop will be on March 8, meeting at Shurton Meadow gate at 11am.

For more information about Chris, Poetry Pin and for a full list of workshop dates visit the website at www.poetrypin.info