MIGRATING toads are in danger in North Petherton if they don’t have their own lollipop lady.

Volunteers are needed to help the toads waking up from their hibernation get from the North Petherton Rugby Club across the A38 to the lake at Folly Foot fishery.

Alex Bowler, who ran the toad patrol for two years before moving from North Petherton said: “The toads at the North Petherton crossing need help to cross the road now as the migration has already begun.

Volunteers need to bring a torch, a hi-visibility jacket and a bucket or two.

They will patrol the pavement at the rugby club on Taunton Road and pick up the toads, place them in the buckets, and carry them across the road.

If you want to help, contact the charity Froglife at froglife.org/tormap.