A MOTHER caught selling drugs to an undercover police officer has escaped a prison sentence.

Josie Bond, 30, of Lambrook Road, sold the officer crack cocaine and heroin in an underpass in August last year and admitted two counts of supplying Class A drugs.

She was given a two-year community order with a 22-month drug rehabilitation requirement by a judge at Taunton Crown Court.

Recorder Peter Fraser said: “It [the order] is not an easy option and it is not getting away for free with the offences you have committed.

“They are difficult orders and it is to your credit that the professionals who assessed you have such positive views about your chances.

“This should be seen as an exceptional chance you have been given. Not all defendants get one.”

Mum Bond, who works as a hotel room cleaner, was caught out during Operation Cortez, a police strategy clamping down on drug dealers.

Prosecuting, Susan Cavender told the court an undercover officer, pretending to be interested in buying drugs, called a number belonging to Bond’s partner, fixing up a meeting point.

Bond met with the plain-clothed officer and sold him 102mg of heroin and 98mg of crack cocaine. The deal was captured on a hidden video camera and Bond was later arrested.

Defending her, Rebecca Bradberry highlighted the positive recommendation made in a drug rehabilitation assessment.

She added: “This is a young woman who is committed to sorting her life out and will endeavour to try and keep her work to support her children.”