THE rest centre at Westfield Church, in Bridgwater, has been “overwhelmed” with support from the community.

Westfield Church was set up as a rest centre by Sedgemoor District Council to assist victims of the flooding and there has been a steady stream of people coming in with things to donate.

Michelle Betts, rest centre manager, said: “The offers and contributions have been amazing. All sorts of people have come in offering food and accommodation.”

Two rest centres, one at Westfield Church and another at North Petherton bowling club, were set up on Wednesday, February 5 to assist the flood victims at Moorland.

They were both closed later that day as only one household was admitted, but Westfield Church re-opened at 2am on Friday, February 7, as the situation at Moorland got significantly worse.

The rest centre has since helped 26 households and over 50 people, with volunteers from Red Cross, the Royal Voluntary Service and various other organisations helping out.

Barbara and Derek Taylor were at the rest centre on Friday morning, having had to evacuate from their home in Moorland at 2am.

Barbara said: “The people here were very caring. As soon as we got in they told us you are safe, you will be warm here and we will make you a nice cup of tea.”

Both single normal residents and large companies have been showing up with items to donate. Asda in Bridgwater turned up Friday afternoon with a small truckload of food.

Rob Gerred, store manager, said: “I woke up this morning and saw the pictures on the news and wanted to help. We called up the rest centre and asked what they needed. We offered to put together food hampers to give to people in need.”

So many people have been donating food, clothing, bedding and other items to the rest centre that the council have had to ask people to stop.

A spokesperson from Sedgemoor District Council said: “We physically haven’t got the space to keep the stuff. With perishable food we don’t want it to go to waste.”

The council are still logging anyone who has things they want to donate. When supplies are needed, your donations will be accepted then.

If you have something to donate, call Sedgemoor Direct at 0845 408 2540.