WITH most of Moorland underwater and nearly everyone evacuated, one man is still desperately trying to save his home.

“The entire village is derelict” said Sam Notaro, one of the last remaining people in Moorland. “Most of the people have moved out of the village. They have got water up to their waists.”

Sam's home turned into its own island over two weeks ago and with water rapidly approaching, he starting building his own dam on Tuesday, February 4, to protect his house.

Sam said: “Any water that is seeping through the dam we are pumping out. The pumps stopped last night so we had to wade out in the night to get them running again.

“I am lucky I've got friends and family helping me. Without the team behind me I would not have been able to do it.”

Craig Fleming, a friend of Sam who is helping run the pumps, said: “When I got here on Saturday I was speechless. Whatever people see in the news or read about, times that by about 50.

“When I came here, Sam hadn't slept for 3 days. I ran the pumps to keep the water out so he could get some sleep.”

Sam's two baby daughters, two year old Aquilla and four month old Bella, moved out over a week ago with his partner Alana to her parents house, leaving Sam to try save their house with friends and family.

Sam said: “Nick Hagget has been running the diggers and he's doing an amazing job. He's risked losing his machine and without him our house would be gone.

“The Environment Agency boys here, Steve Stamp and Steve Scaddon, are two local lads who have been no end of help as well.”

There are still a few people left in Moorland. Gary Young, neighbourhood police team sergeant for Sedgemoor, said: “We are conscious that people are still out there so we are still providing a police service. We advised them to leave but some people stayed even though they're flooded.”

Sam said: “The mud we are putting on the damn now is just like soup so it's just falling off again. The water is about nine to 12 inches from the top of the dam and going up five inches a day.

“We are going to try hold out. We are trying to protect out home like anyone would.”