HOME owners should start thinking green and secure the future of Wiveliscombe by installing solar panels, it was claimed this week.

While some may see them as an eyesore, Dave Mansell sees solar panels as a vital ingredient in the town’s sustainability.

It follows a survey he carried out which shows more than half of Wiveliscombe’s electricity is solar- powered.

Dave, who set up wiveyenergy.info, said: “I think solar power is a great source of energy and something we should all be looking at.

“It’s important for the future of the town as we all know fossil fuels, which we have relied on for so long, are running out and contributing to climate change.

“You can never link any one weather event to climate change, but we’ve been having a lot recently and scientists predict there are more on the way.

“There are always new solar projects cropping up in Wivelis-combe as more and more are embracing the idea.

“I regularly speak to people about it and tell them it’s for the future of their children.”

There are 13,081 solar panels in Wiveliscombe with an average of more than ten panels for every household in the town.

The latest project, undertaken by community initiative Brendon Energy, saw 32 panels installed on the roof of the community centre just before Christmas, and more could be on the way.

Brendon Energy will shortly open a new share issue, aiming to raise £250,000 to finance what it calls an “exciting range of new renewable energy projects.”

Dave said: “There are 891 panels on 42 roofs, which includes both schools, the children’s centre and the community centre, 106 panels within two small ground-mounted schemes and 12,084 panels at Sandys Moor solar farm on the edge of town.”

“It has taken just four years for solar power to make this big contribution to the electricity we use.

“One street with 58 houses has seven installations, and I hope I can encourage more people to do the same.”