A PLUS-size beauty queen from Taunton is to feature on a popular TV show highlighting the nation’s eating habits tonight (February 6).

Charlene Shattock, a 22 stone takeaway addict, will take on sugary tea drinker Mick Wickes who survives on only one tiny meal a day in Channel 4’s Supersize v Superskinny at 8pm.

The show focuses on two individuals who swap their extreme diets.

Before Charlene entered the feeding clinic, she was sent to Illinois, America to meet someone whose life has been destroyed by overeating.

She met 32 stone Melissa Bushnell with has serious health problems, who wants to show Charlene how her health may be jeopardised if she doesn’t change her ways.

Last year, mum Charlene, 25, represented Taunton in the Miss British Beauty Curves Pageant.