THE daughter of a couple killed in one of the UK’s worst ever motorway crashes is calling on the Prime Minister to bring in tougher laws governing public firework displays.

Tonia White is collecting support on an on-line petition to ensure there is never a repeat of the multi-vehicle pile-up on the M5 at Taunton that claimed seven lives and left 51 people injured - click on the related link on this story..

Police looked into whether smoke from a fireworks show at nearby Taunton Rugby Club on November 4, 2011 could have drifted onto the motorway, reducing visibility.

But a court case against the organiser, Geoffrey Counsell, was thrown out by the judge in December.

Among Mrs White’s demands are.

*All public and private fireworks displays to be licensed, with stringent checks on companies running events, and registered with the local council and emergency services.

*Organising companies should be accountable for all spectators and members of the public in the vicinity of the display.

*There must be a clearly defined minimum distance from roads, motorways and major routes.

*There should be at least three operatives, one with no less than six years’ experience.

*All operatives ought to have certified explosives training, with training renewed biannually.

Mrs White will call on David Cameron to implement her suggestions “at the earliest opportunity”.

She said: “It’s incredible how lax the law is.

“You don’t even need a licence to hold a fireworks display – at the end of the day they’re explosives.

“It isn’t acceptable to hold a big fireworks display in a field right next door to a motorway.”

Mrs White said the tragedy in which her parents Tony and Pamela Adams died after visiting their family in Taunton will stay with her for the rest of her life.

She added: “It’s never going to be over.

“And we’ve got to go through it all again when the inquests come up (at the end of March).”