YEOVIL College’s Performing Arts students are combining the feel of summer festivals with illusions inspired by Derren Brown for their latest production, ‘Godspell’.

Set in the summer of 2013, a group of young people come together at an unnamed festival, enjoying the sun and each other’s company. 

Together, they talk, sing and share stories of the life of Jesus, magically moving from tale to tale and taking on different characters as they describe each parable.

First performed in the early 1970s, ‘Godspell’ creators John-Micheal Tebelak and Stephen Schwartz drew on the Gospels of St Matthew and St Mark and a wide variety of musical styles for the popular show. 

Memorable songs include ‘Day by Day’, ‘Learn Your Lessons Well’ and ‘Beautiful City’.  Recently updated for a new generation of audiences, ‘Godspell’ has been a hit on Broadway and toured around the world for more than 40 years.

Performing Arts lecturer Julie Read said: “After several years of big, in-your-face shows, this year the students have set themselves the challenge of taking a different direction and exploring the fantastical creative opportunities presented by their piece. 

"Much like ‘The Canterbury Tales’, ‘Godspell’ revolves around the idea of a group of strangers with a common interest coming together to form a temporary community, which is exactly what happens at festivals. 

"But there is also a magic to the festival atmosphere, which has inspired the students to look at the work of modern illusionists like Derren Brown and come up with some creative ways to tell the parables and morph between characters. 

"On the face of it, ‘Godspell’ seems a relic of the hippy era, but the recent update and the way our students have drawn on their experiences and modern culture gives this great show a new twist and we hope even seasoned theatre goers will enjoy seeing their interpretation of it.”

To enhance the festival feel, the audience will pass rows of stalls, all open for business, as they come to the venue and need to bring their own cushions to sit on during the show. 

There will be no formal seating, so if ticket holders have physical or other disabilities that mean they need a chair or to sit near the front, please contact the box office on 01935-845555.

Food, drink and merchandise stalls will open at 6pm. 

Yeovil College’s ‘Godspell’ will be performed at 7pm in the Main Hall from Wednesday 12 February 2014 to Saturday 15 February inclusive. 

Tickets cost £5 and available by calling 01935-845555 during normal office hours.