A MEDIEVAL site which was unearthed in Wellington has been nominated for an award.

The remains of what is thought to be a 900-year-old manor house discovered on the housing development at Longforth Farm are in the running for a Current Archaeology Award 2014.

As previously reported, archaeologists stumbled across the site in July last year and linked it back to the 12th and 14th centuries.

Members of the public – including the County Gazette – were invited to tour the remains, before the artefacts were sent to the Museum of Somerset.

Speaking at the time, Bob Davis, senior buildings archaeologist with Wessex Archaeology, said: “This is a significant find and very exciting as there are no documentary records that such a site ever existed here.

“At some stage, the buildings were abandoned, the useable building materials were robbed out and recycled, and the site was forgotten.”

Developer Bloor Homes is currently working to build 500 houses on Longforth Farm, with the first bricks laid this month.

It says the site will not be built on, but turned into a pond.

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