A CONTROLLED bomb explosion was carried out today (January 20) after a WW2 bomb from Germany was discovered at Alderman's Barrow.

Avon and Somerset Police received a call following the discovery on Exmoor at 3.30pm yesterday (January 19).

The area was cordoned off and protected overnight and today.

Simon Bale, Avon and Somerset Police special constable said: "Yesterday afternoon some members of the public walked upon something sticking out of the footpath, where the water had eroded the soil.

"Because it was a suspicious item, we cordoned off the area immediately."

The Royal Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) arrived today and dug the bomb out further.

The air-dropped German bomb, weighing 100 pounds in size, was destroyed in a controlled explosion earlier this afternoon.

Mr Bale added: "There were no injuries luckily but there is a hole for the Exmoor Park to fill in.

"It is strange that 70 years on these bombs are still showing up.

"We don't know if the bomb was released as an error or if it was released because they were trying to lighten the load to get away.

"Our advice to anyone coming across anything suspicious, is to call the police or the coastguard and don't touch it."

  • Pictures to follow