THERE might only be 34 pupils at Crowcombe School, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t bursting with fun and pupils who are hungry to learn.

The school is federated with Stogumber Primary School, which means that they share a head teacher, governing body and PTA.

It’s always a busy day for head Jennifer Yates, who splits her time between the two schools, but it’s something she loves and has been doing for four years.

In November’s OFSTED inspection the school was boosted to a ‘good’ rating and Jennifer wants to build on this.

“We’re excited about developing our new curriculum as we’re building in even more learning outdoors which everyone here values so much.

“The governors are working hard securing a strong future for the school as we believe the small village school is such an important part of a rural community.

“We’re pleased with the outcomes of our recent OFSTED report as they were very complimentary about so many things, and, of course, all schools want to be outstanding, so we’ll continue to work hard to achieve that goal.

“We already work very closely with Stogumber and would aim to continue to strengthen the federation as it’s so beneficial to both schools.”

The pupils were praised for showing good behaviour in the OFSTED report. Jennifer said the pupils’ happiness was at the heart of school life, adding: “We want every pupil to feel happy and confident, and to enjoy doing their very best.

“The most rewarding thing about being a head teacher is being part of the journey our pupils are experiencing, seeing them take new steps day by day and sharing in their pride in new achievements, be it in learning or overcoming personal challenges or fears, such as swimming.”

The schools recently became a Global Education base of excellence, providing training with other schools.

They have close links with Tanjeh School in Gambia, and the teachers and governors take part in exchange visits.

A new playground area was recently installed with climbing equipment, a slide, a stage and trim trial fun.

A new covered play area for reception children is also planned.