POLICE in Taunton say more than 200 bikes were stolen in the area last year but they are determined to help people keep their cycles safe in 2014.

The Taunton Town Centre Policing team is holding a bike awareness day today (January 11) from 10am to 7pm in Fore Street, behind the Market House.

Officers will be working with local businesses including Bicycle Chain, to mark bikes, provide information about the best locks available and give general crime prevention advice to cyclists.

PC Claire Griffiths, from Taunton Police Station, said: “ “We are determined to disrupt bike thieves but we need to work with cyclists and public in order to do so.

“Getting your bike security marked is a really simple process and can act as a deterrent to thieves. You can also do this at your local bike shop, buy a kit and do it at home or by coming to see us on Saturday.”

PC Griffiths added: “I really encourage everyone to register their bikes on sites such as www.bikeregister.com or simply make a note of the frame number, so if it does get stolen you can give us that information.”