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Somerset floods: Met Office issues ice warning

Last updated:

    Support boat crewed by firefighters heads to Muchelney today
  • It will be used to transport supplies and ferry people in and out
  • Met Office issues yellow warning of ice for Friday night
  • Readers continue to send in their dramatic flood pics from across the county


Mi_Coc 11:47am Fri 10 Jan 14
considering they are making cuts both scc and tdbc seem to have alot of sofas they keep finding cash down the back. brewhouse > hey £160k we thought we didnt have here you go!
Score: 2
Dick Turpin Works For Council 10:17am Fri 10 Jan 14
Correction! The ratepayers of Somerset, including the unfortunate folk of Muchelney, have paid for the boat. Somerset County Council, have merely redistributed the money, a pitifully small return and woefully late.
Score: 8
johnrobins 10:24am Fri 10 Jan 14
Better late than never but I would have thought that the Marines could have been approached at an early stage to provide this service.
Score: 16
jimeee 11:28am Fri 10 Jan 14
great job done by everyone and fanx to the council for the boat that helped everyone.
Score: 6
Guy Smiley 12:28pm Fri 10 Jan 14
Apologies to TUSC for stealing his copy & paste technique but.......please don't be surprised that this area floods..... The village was recorded as Micelenie in the Domesday book meaning 'the increasingly great island' from the Old English miclian and from the Norsk Øe.[2] The -ey or -y suffix served as the old English designation for "island", and thus is common to many of the villages in this area of the Somerset Levels, which stood as islands just above the marshes, which have since been drained. Source - the mighty Wikipedia!
Score: 5
JoRo 1:31pm Fri 10 Jan 14
Emails were sent to to the Ministers Office suggesting that the Army or the Marines could be used to help the people in the flooded areas as they have the expertise and the equipment. Other than an automatic acknowledgement nothing has yet been received, I daresay we will get a reply when the emergency has gone. We are off the radar as far as the government is concerned, if this was London or the home counties all three services would be on alert
Score: 7
Guy Smiley 3:53pm Sat 11 Jan 14
Who will Blue Owl blame for the frost and ice now? Met Office?
Score: 2

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