OVER 150 people attended the public exhibition yesterday (January 8) to see plans for a new hotel at the Butlin's resort in Minehead.

If planning permission is granted by West Somerset Council, 100 jobs, mostly full-time, could be created for local people.

Charles St George from PPS who held the exhibition at the Hobby Horse Ballroom said: "We've had some really good feedback by people who came along today, there was lots of interest about the hotel.

"We had 50 visitors this morning and 113 since and we're pleased with how many visitors have come along.

"The new character hotel would be aimed both at those with preschool children so they could visit outside of the school holidays but also for families during traditional holiday periods."

The hotel plans are in addition to new one-storey and two-storey accommodation approved earlier this year which will open in the spring of 2015.

Mr St George added: "If plans are approved we would start construction work on the hotel as soon as the other accommodation is completed and we would hope to have the hotel up and running in the summer of 2016."

There are also plans to improve the check-in system so that on change over days to help ease traffic.

Instead of checking in at the main gates, visitors would be able to check in at the new accommodation.

The planning application will be submitted to West Somerset Council in the next few weeks.