WEST Somerset College now have Head Boys and Girls for the first time in over 15 years.

Tash Harwood has been picked as Head Girl with Alicia Harding as her deputy and Head Boy is Eddie Waller with Angus Marsh as his deputy.

This school year has seen a resurgence of student leadership at the college.

Students from years ten and eleven were encouraged to apply for the position of Senior Student Leader.

The act as role models for the students and there is now a body of 30 students who have successfully become leaders with more applications bring processed.

As well as being role models for younger pupils, Senior Student Leaders help out at College events.

They even have their own uniform of a purple polo shirt and sweatshirt to distinguish them from other pupils, helping younger pupils know who to approach if they need help.

Recently, several Senior Students took a leading role in the Pupil Parliament held at the Council Chamber in Williton where they worked with pupils from Middle and First Schools.