A ZOO for tropical animals is caring for a Bearded Dragon after it was found roaming a garden in Highbridge.

The cute creature was captured yesterday (July 24) and at first the property owner called Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill.

But Secret World can only care for wild animals, so Tropiquaria Zoo, near Watchet, agreed to help out the charity and collect the exotic pet.

Chris Moiser, zoological director at Tropiquaria, told the Weekly News: “The property owner had seen the bearded dragon in the garden for several days but was unable to catch it. When they finally did manage to trap the animal, they took it to Secret World.

“The bearded dragon is an adult male. He could have escaped from a garden if the owner decided to put him out in the shade, or he may have been abandoned.

“But he’s very tame and is in good condition.”

Mr Moiser said exotic pets being found on the loose in Sedgemoor is a regular occurrence.

He added: “This is the first Bearded Dragon we’ve had this year, but it happens a lot. I think most of the time the animal has escaped and I would urge owners to make sure they watch their pet when it is out of its enclosure and make sure all windows and doors are closed.

“We had an odd colour variety of a corn snake collected earlier in the year in Watchet. Four people came to see if it was theirs, because they had all lost corn snakes. It turned out the snakes we found belonged to none of them. God knows how many snakes are on the loose in Watchet.”

The owner of the Bearded Dragon is being asked to call Tropiquaria on 01984-640688.

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