A CHARITY shop manager has been left ‘angry’ and ‘upset’ after a spate of thefts at her store.

Dace Veilande, 47, has run the Scope charity shop in Bridge Street, Taunton, for two years but she is becoming increasingly concerned by shoplifters targeting the shop.

Thieves have been walking out with electronic items as well as clothing, toys and a pram.

In a bid to curb the crimes, volunteers have removed all CD’s and DVD’s from their cases – a task Dace says should not have to be made.

Dace said: “I feel angry because they take advantage of us being a charity shop.

“It always happens when the shop it at its busiest and you find empty coat hangers in the dressing rooms.

“I don’t know why people would steal from us because it is not as if they are going to get any richer when our jumpers only cost around £3.

“Some of the customers were shocked when I told them what was happening.”

One of the items taken was a pram which was placed outside the shop with a £35 price tag attached to it.

Dace said: “I couldn’t believe someone would steal a pram –how will that mum feel that her baby is sleeping in a stolen pram.

“I find it very upsetting and we want customers to keep an eye out for people stealing and tell us straight away.”

Scope is a disability charity that supports disabled people and their families in England and Wales.

An Avon and Somerset spokesman reassured shoppers, saying that shoplifting in the area is not a huge problem.

They added: “Taunton remains a safe place for traders and for residents to shop.

“Our general advice would be for shop staff to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to the police.