A BURNHAM filmmaker has released a new short film shot in and around the area.

Producer and director James Cameron, who shares his name with the director of Avatar and Titanic, filmed 'The Masquerade: The Brenton Hill Incident' in Burnham and Brent Knoll.

It was created by James and Kate Cameron, along with local actor Stefan Andrews and drama student Thomas Llywarch.

The film revolves around a fictional team of movie makers who disappeared in 2010 while making a film around the fictional town of Brenton.

James, from Adam Street, said: “The film investigates the run up to the night they disappeared and shocking new evidence of what happened.

“Filmed in Burnham and Brent Knoll, it uses large amounts of real local history to give the fictional town of Brenton a sense of reality.

“We make films for fun, and to prove that good storytelling does not require A-list actors, exotic locations or giant budgets to be entertaining.”

The project also features 'The Forsaken' - a short-film version of the horror movie that the team in 'The Masquerade' were supposed to be in the process of making.

The DVDs will be available at the Avalon Visions table during the Stars of Times convention at the Helicopter Museum in Weston on July 28. Visit www.avalonvisions.co.uk.

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