A POETRY festival for children at the Shrubbery Hotel in Ilminster proved a big success.

Pupils from the primary schools at Combe St Nicholas, Ashill, Buckland St Mary and Winsham – members of the Pentagon Federation of Schools – took part in individual and group poetry recital competitions.

A pupil from Combe St Nicholas Primary School, Adam Burrough, won the individual section, while Ashill won the group prize with its rendition of Granny Can You Rap? by Jack Ousbey.

Sarah Cook, a consultant with the Somerset Literacy Network, judged the competition and she said she was delighted with the clarity of all the speakers.

“If children at this age can grow a love of poetry now, it will last with them forever,” she said. “When they are older they will be able to recite at home the poems they learn at school.”

Sarah added: “Painting is silent poetry, while poetry is painting with words.”